Photo book review

April 2020



April 2020
After having received a discount voucher from Saal Digital I printed this Professional Line photo book of a collection of more than a decade of landscape images I made around the world. The video shows a comparison between the photographic glossy paper of the Landscapes photo book, and the photographic matte paper I used for my Colombia travel photo book. Both are of professional quality and very well built, with modern-looking lay-flat pages. I found that the texture in the matte paper lowers the perception of sharpness in the photographs a bit, whereas the glossy paper enhances vivid colors and contrast in the photos. The printed colors are very accurate if you use the ICC profiles provided on their website in combination with a good, calibrated display.

Landscapes front cover in imitation leather and plexiglass
Example of the photographic glossy paper
Example of the photographic matte paper